Ankle pain in Lower Manhattan

Ankle Pain in Lower Manhattan

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If you think you may have an ankle fracture, and have suffered an ankle injury, you will want to make an immediate appointment to see our foot doctor at Lifestyle Podiatry. Whenever you experience ankle pain in Lower Manhattan it is important that you are seen by our top-notch podiatrist, Dr. Dennis Shavelson, on an emergency basis to make sure that a serious ankle or foot problem does not develop, and so that your ankle injury can be treated.

Often times when a person has an ankle injury they do not know whether or not the injury is an actual fracture. The problem may only be a sprain – which is an injury to the soft tissue. A sprain will occur when a ligament is pulled, stretched or torn. When a patient has a fracture, there is actually a break in the bone. It is most likely that a patient will receive a foot or ankle sprain or fracture as a result of an injury. Many of these injuries occur during sports participation. It is also common for gymnasts and dancers to develop foot fractures. An ankle sprain or fracture, can simply be the result of a patient tripping over uneven ground. If your foot or ankle is sprained or fractured you will probably experience, pain, bruising, and swelling of your foot or ankle. You will also probably have difficulty walking. When you experience these symptoms, you will want to make sure that you visit our podiatrist regarding your ankle pain in Lower Manhattan. Our foot doctor can thoroughly diagnose the extent of the injury, and provide you with treatment. If you do have a fracture, our podiatrist may need to line up the ends of the bone so that your foot or ankle can heal properly. If this does not help, or it is not possible to do, you may need foot surgery.

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