Downtown Manhattan heel pain

Downtown Manhattan Heel Pain

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Diagnosing and treating heel pain in Downtown Manhattan

At Lifestyle Podiatry our doctors treat Downtown Manhattan heel pain using a wide range of treatment options, along with creating custom sport and fashion orthotics, laser treatment, minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery and treatment for children’s flat foot. Our foot care is done in a relaxing atmosphere, and designed to improve the bio-architectonics, strength and balance of the feet and lower extremities. Our Biomedical Engineering of the Foot and Lower Extremity is also known as the BEFLE Program.

Heel pain can be the result of issues such as plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition that is common and persistent, and it can cause pain when standing for long periods of time. Running on pavement can also aggravate it. Symptoms include morning foot pain and pain while standing for long periods of time. Arch support can help, or orthopedic shoes may be an option. The bottom line is, patients don’t have to live with Downtown Manhattan heel pain. They can come into Lifestyle Podiatry for relief of their symptoms and walk out feeling better and more empowered that they have found a treatment plan that works.

You don’t have to live with Downtown Manhattan heel pain. With our U.S Patented Foot Centering Orthotics developed by Dr Shavelson, our medical director, patients are walking more and more every day, feeling better and having their quality of life back. We also offer education, training and take home programs to help you maintain foot and lower extremity wellness, strength and performance and make sure you stay active as you heal. Lifestyle Podiatry is here to help you with all your foot care needs and to answer any questions you may have about our excellent offices, foot care and individual treatment methods for all of our patients.

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