East Village diabetic foot care

East Village Diabetic Foot Care

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Diabetic foot care in East Village

Diabetes is a disease that can affect many different parts of the body and different organ systems. Diabetes is an inability of the body to control the amount of sugar in the blood. People who suffer from this condition have to be careful of its effects on the lower extremities, especially the feet. Poor circulation, numbness and burning, loss of balance and strength, foot ulcers, infections and all too often gangrene and amputation are commonly associated with diabetes. Our Lifestyle Podiatry doctor provides special East Village diabetic foot care.

Diabetes can cause several different lower extremity problems, many of which can be quite serious if not attended to by our East Village diabetic foot care team. Peripheral arterial disease can be caused by diabetes and is a blockage or narrowing of the arteries that slows the circulation of the blood to the legs and feet. Diabetes is also a culprit in a condition called peripheral neuropathy, which damages the peripheral nerves in both the fingers and toes resulting in numbness and a decrease in sensation. One of the effects of diabetes is the inability of wounds to heal quickly, on the feet this manifests itself as diabetic foot ulcers, which are open wounds usually on the bottom of the feet that are painful and can cause infections serious enough to warrant hospitalization.

Our East Village diabetic foot care starts with a complete lower extremity evaluation to determine how the disease has affected the toes, feet, ankles and legs. Our doctor will develop a treatment plan to relieve any problems and keep them from reoccurring. If there are no existing problems a routine of podiatry care and monitoring can keep your feet in great health. Our doctor will work with the patient’s internist and endocrinologist as part of a team health approach to combating diabetes. Everyone diagnosed with diabetes or as being pre-diabetic should be evaluated by a podiatrist at least once a year, so call our office for an appointment.

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