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Toenail fungus in Lower Manhattan

Toenail fungus is unsightly. There’s no doubt about it. But a fungal infection is also a threat to your health and can also be painful. Turn to us at Lifestyle Podiatry from specialized care in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of fungal nails.

The primary motivation for many people is the appearance of toenails infected by fungus. It can look worse than it is, but if you like to wear flip-flops or other open-toed shoes, you’re likely to feel awkward and self-conscious. The most common sings of toenail fungus are yellowing, cracking, and splitting. Fungus flourishes where it’s moist and warm, and that’s why feet are such a typical target. You may develop toenail fungus from walking barefoot where contamination might exist due to a wet and warm environment, such as a locker room or a communal shower. If you don’t take advantage of our Lower Manhattan foot care, the fungus can spread to other parts of your foot and even beyond the foot. That’s a risk you should not take. When you come in, you’ll receive a thorough examination. A nail culture is sometimes necessary, too. Our Lower Manhattan foot care will apprise you of your options when it comes to treatment. The proper choice depends on various factors, such as severity of the fungal nails and how far the fungus has spread. Some of the possibilities include topical anti-fungal medication, oral medication, and removal of the nail itself (don’t worry, it grows back within a few months). Nail removal is done at our office on an outpatient basis.

You can always depend on our Lower Manhattan foot care for a variety of needs, including when it come to toenail fungus. Please reach out to our office so that we can set up a prompt appointment for you to come in.

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