Podiatrist in New York

Podiatrist in New York

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If you have flat feet that are causing you to have foot pain, or pain in another part of your body, you should visit us at Lifestyle Podiatry. At our practice, our expert podiatrist in New York NY, Dr. Dennis Shavelson, can provide you with complete treatment for your flat feet.

One very important way that our podiatrist in New York NY treats flat feet is with custom foot orthotics. Our podiatrist has patented orthotics that fit all foot types. These orthotics are considered to be a new generation of orthotics, and are very sought-after biomedical devices. These new orthotics are shorter and narrower and will be prescribed for your specific foot type, and for each of your feet, individually. These foot orthotics are very helpful in treating flat feet, and other foot problems including heel pain and neuromas. These foot orthotics will improve your balance as well as reduce stress on your feet that can even reach your lower back. If you have flat feet that are not causing you any foot discomfort, there is absolutely no reason to come in for treatment. However, some people experience a great deal of pain due to their flat feet. We urge you to come to our office for treatment, because there is no reason why you should need to go through your life feeling this way. When your flat feet are painful, make it difficult for you to find properly fitting shoes, and cause performance issues, it is important that you visit us to have your flat feet evaluated and treated. Patients with flat feet may feel weakness, tiredness, and even muscle cramps due to their flat feet. There is nonsurgical care for your flat feet which includes our custom orthotics. Sometimes patients with extremely serious cases of flat feet will benefit from braces. In the most serious and advanced cases, reconstructive foot surgery may be indicated. Physical therapy can also be helpful.

For an appointment to see our podiatrist in New York NY about treatment for flat feet, contact us today.

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